Blue Sky Events is a professional event production company that excels in producing Lake Tahoe expo’s and conferences. Through the years we’ve had the experience of being on both sides as an expo producer and as an exhibitor, so we know first hand the time and financial commitment that either involve. Having this understanding we place strong focus on bringing exhibitors and qualified attendees together in an electrified selling environment.

Successful face to face marketing is challenging. Long after your attendees forget what they learned and saw at your event  they will remember how they felt. Often that feeling, that buzz associated with your event can mean the difference between an excellent event and one that’s just okay. Our goal is to create environments and experiences that your audience will remember.

Whether you need to inspire, promote, educate, motivate, reveal or launch we have the expertise to design and produce your event. Rest assured that we are on your team every step of the way with creative suggestions, cost control and execution.