Wedding FAQ's

Q. Should I hire service staff if my caterer cannot provide? 
A. Yes – Service staff is essential for a successful event. They will assist with everything including set-up, breakdown and complete food and beverage service. Service staff is a very important part of ensuring that your event goes smoothly.

Q. How far in advance should I book my Wedding Coordinator?
A. Depending on your event needs you should hire your Wedding Coordinator anywhere from 9-12 months from your event date.

Q. Who helps me design my wedding?
A. Blue Sky Events can provide complete event design or simply assist you to realize your vision. Having great working relationships with local florist, linen companies, and many other vendors we can ensure that your dream wedding will come to life

Q. Can you help me find our perfect venue?
A. Yes – Venue Locator services are included in our Full Service Wedding Planning or offered as a stand alone A la’ carte service. Taking into account the region of the lake, guest count, availability, and your style we can provide you with Lake Tahoe’s best locations.

Q. Approximately what will a wedding in Lake Tahoe Cost?
A. An average wedding for 100 guests costs roughly a minimum of $20,000-$30,000. This will generally cover the basics such as venue, food and beverage, and DJ. Of course, this can easily cost more depending on your taste and desires.

Q. Are private homes available for our wedding?
A. There are a limited number of private homes around the Lake Tahoe area available to rent for a large events and weddings. Factors like guest count, lodging on property or noise ordinances all play a role in finding a perfect fit for your event.

Q. Is it less expensive to have my event at a private home?
A. When renting a private home for your event, there are a lot of additional costs that may not be included in your rental fee. Costs for portable restrooms, event insurance, mandatory transportation for your guests can add up. Private homes tend to be more expensive then a your typical event venue as you are creating the space for the event to take place. This can include and is not limited to; tenting, tables, chairs, off-site kitchens, heaters and lighting.

Q. How do I estimate my guest count?
A. We recommend to always start your event contracts with the amount of guests invited – From there as your RSVP’s come in you may then lower counts for rentals, catering, etc. Starting with your “high” count ensures that the appropriate number of rentals are available, as well as helping you stay within your event budget.

Q. How far in advance to we book our venue?
A. We suggest booking your venue approximately a year in advance. After you lock in the venue you can start contacting vendors such as your DJ and Photographer and begin to create your event day “dream team”!

Q. Why should I build a wedding website?
A. It’s a great tool to pass along event information to your guests without placing it on your formal invitation. On your website, you can have directions, shuttle times, introduce your bridal party and even have your guests RSVP online!

Q. Will hiring a Wedding Coordinator save us money?
A. Yes – With years of experience we know ways to stretch your dollar, make the best decisions based on your priorities and budget. Also, we can assist in ways such as eliminating certain items that won’t affect the quality of your event.

Q. I have called and emailed my caterer, but have not heard back and it’s been two days.
A. Please keep in mind that your wedding vendors are very busy working on –site at events several days a week, especially in the summer months. It may take a few days, or even a week for your wedding vendor to respond to your call or email. Also, keep in mind your vendor most likely takes days off midweek after working weekend events.

Q. Will our coordinator act as the emcee at our wedding?
A. No, your coordinator is not an emcee. Having a professional emcee, such as a DJ is key to make introductions, announcements, and manage all of the audio needs for your ceremony and reception.

Q. I am coming to Tahoe to visit venues and meet vendors for my wedding, should I make appointments ahead of time or drop in?
A. It is best to make appointments in advance. One month to two weeks is generally sufficient notice for most vendors. If you are planning a tasting with your caterer or baker, you’ll sometimes need to plan a few months in advance. When planning your trip try and make your visit midweek so your vendors are available, they will most likely be working events on the weekends.